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President Obama's Glorious Burden

This is, by far, the most stirring thing I've read from President Obama's first day in office:

On this Inauguration Day, we are reminded that we are heirs to over two centuries of American democracy, and that this legacy is not simply a birthright -- it is a glorious burden. Now it falls to us to come together as a . . .

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January 20, 2009

Rev. Lowery's Racist Benediction...So Much for Reconciliation...

On a day when many of my conservative and/or libertarian persuasion are deriding President Obama's inauguration as something nearing the end of the country as we know it, I have been much less pessimistic but still anxiously awaiting what the future will hold for our great nation under a new administration.  Indeed, our new . . .

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January 20, 2009

Book Review: House of Dark Shadows by Robert Liparulo

House of Dark Shadows is the first of three (currently) thrillers in the Dreamhouse Kings series by Robert Liparulo. Aimed at the tween crowd, this book is a fast-paced page-turner that will not fail to disappoint either the teen or even adult reader. There are plenty of reviews at online booksellers, the publisher's website, . . .

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January 19, 2009

Luther on Hard Sayings of Scripture

When it comes to God's Word and how God deals with us, we shouldn't worry whether or not it makes sense.  If you want to be a Christian and understand the teachings of the Christian faith, you shouldn't judge the Christian doctrines with your mind to find out whether or not they sound correct.  In stead, you should . . .

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January 16, 2009

Luther on Pouring Our Sins on Christ

One of the greatest struggles in the Christian life is that against the torment and accusation of sin.  Those without a well-developed understanding of the great horrors of sin are sometimes free from this burden, but others can be tormented by their sins to the point of despair.  I admit, I tend to gravitate toward despair...and . . .

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January 15, 2009

Why Do We Need Ongoing Forgiveness?

Over at Chaos and Old Night, Fraiser has a great post asking and answering the question, "Why do we need ongoing forgiveness?"  As another refugee from Evangelicalism, he eloquently points out the flaws in much of the contemporary Christian thinking about the necessity of confession and demonstrates the grace of God in action . . .

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January 13, 2009

Thoughts on the Feast of Epiphany

Today is the celebration of the Feast of Epiphany in the Western Church, that day when the Magi from the East (aka. 'wise men') are to have finally found the infant Jesus.  Writing on the events surrounding the journey and visit of the Magi, C.F.W. Walther writes:

God chose to lead the Wise Men to Bethlehem, not . . .

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January 06, 2009