dropping the ball

Somewhere along the line, I dropped the ball. I had built up a pretty good momentum. I was writing every day. I was enjoying it. I »

on not writing

I have not written anything in days. My mind is racing, eager to write but prevented by my own stubbornness. Why? My calendar is packed, as »

day seven: showing up with nothing to say

I've been writing on other topics recently--Advent mostly--as part of my daily writing. Yesterday (a Wednesday) was the first day I had missed since beginning my »

day six: looking forward

After almost a week of consistent writing, I'm to the point where I look forward to this time each day. Being a holiday week with strange »

day five: a writer's tools

Using the "right tools for the job" is one of the basic maxims for any sort of work. As a young boy growing up on the »