hey, Crossway, thanks for being awesome!

It's no secret that the HCSB is my favorite bible translation with respect to the its combination of translation equivalence with well-written English...with that in »

on silence

After posting this quote from Bonhoeffer, I couldn't keep it from running around in my mind: We are so afraid of silence that we chase ourselves »

waking up to God

No matter where you live in the northern hemisphere, the routine of Autumn has set in, the weather is growing colder, and the days are growing »

a prayer for correction and guidance

We beseech Thee, O Lord, mercifully to correct our wanderings, and by the guiding radiance of Thy compassion to bring us to the salutary vision of »

on good works

It is the perversity of the world that, when we preach about forgiveness of sins by pure grace and without merit of man, it should either »

new Holman Christian Standard Bible editions

After making significant updates to the HCSB in 2010 and releasing the superb HCSB Study Bible shortly after, B&H has started releasing some new »

on self importance, from <i>Embracing Obscurity</i>

The trouble with you and me and the rest of humanity is not that we lack self-confidence (as we’re told by the world) but that »