hey, Crossway, thanks for being awesome!

It's no secret that the HCSB is my favorite bible translation with respect to the its combination of translation equivalence with well-written English...with that in »

pursued by goodness (getting Ps 23 right)

This morning in church we read Psalm 23. There is absolutely nothing even remotely odd about that.  After all, this is one of the most beloved »

the HCSB: great but not perfect

In two previous posts (here and here), I touted the excellence of the Holman Christian Standard Bible, but I would be remiss to explicitly or implicitly »

the HCSB: matters of style done well

Every new bible translation adopts a particular 'style' or 'feel' to its English.  For the sake of consistency, translation committees are forced during their work to »

the HCSB: everything I hoped the ESV would be

The ESV is the bible translation I've always wanted and tried to love. I had one pre-ordered back in 2001 in hopes it would be the »