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"Christianity Offers No Answers About the Coronavirus." [link]

N.T. Wright via TIME magazine

N.T. Wright is an Anglican New Testament professor and prolific writer. Most recently, he published a piece at TIME magazine online titled, "Christianity Offers No Answers About the Coronavirus. It's Not Supposed To."

In contrast to the Pentecostal and Fundamentalist Baptist types who argue that COVID-19 is punishment . . .

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April 01, 2020

a prayer in time of storms

be they on the sea or in our lives

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O Thou who dwellest in the light that is unapproachable, while clouds and darkness are round about Thee, we thank Thee that the day is thine, the night also is thine. When deep calleth unto deep, and all thy waves and billows are around us, we recognize the voice of the Lord our God. We know that the sea is his, and that he . . .

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March 17, 2020


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