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responding to persecution

St. Ignatius and ISIS

Pray continually for the rest of humankind as well, that they may find God, for there is in them hope for repentance. Therefore allow them to be instructed by you, at least by your deeds. In response to their anger, be gentle; in response to their boasts, be humble; in response to their slander, offer prayers; in response to their . . .

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November 06, 2015

"your sins are forgiven"

on the blessing of absolution

The most comforting words of the entire Gospel come on the lips of Jesus to the paralytic man in the beginning of Matthew 9:

Have courage, son, your sins are forgiven.

When we hear these words, we must hear them as though Christ himself has spoken them individually to us. As Bishop Laache reminds us, it is because . . .

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October 11, 2015

on worry and faith

For two of the last three Sundays, I have spent time on the subjects of worry and faith--once in the lectionary readings for chapel services and once by request to our youth Sunday School class. The text from the lectionary is Jesus' very familiar teaching from St. Matthew:

“No one can be a slave of two masters, since either . . .

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September 30, 2015